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How Effective Are Speech Therapies for Adults?

Adult speech therapy is a method or a type of treatment that provides support by guiding an individual to cope with their certain communication weaknesses and symptoms. People who are struggling to express themselves or understand due to a disorder and want to improve their overall speech and language skills need to be guided by an adult speech therapist. Working with experienced speech pathologists who are highly qualified and can strengthen your weaknesses is the best choice. The most commonly identified goals of the speech therapy treatment are improving pronunciation, strengthening speech muscles, and making an individual speak clearly and correctly with meaningful sentences. 

Frequency And Consistency of Speech Therapy 

Speech therapy is often provided for children. While this is also a very significant type of treatment to help them in growing their skills, speech and language pathologists are also highly experienced and qualified in working with adults to achieve and improve communication goals. There are speech sessions and programs conducted by the language and speech therapist that aim to make your personal activities more effective.  The benefits of speech therapy programs are improved clarity and fluency of speech, accent modification, polishing the quality of communication skills following certain disorders, and improved cognitive function. 

If you have regular sessions with a speech and language pathologist, it can impact positively in academics, and increased professional and social ability. Support and correct guidance from a speech therapist can help an individual achieve factors such as public speaking, job interviews, and communicating professionally online or ZOOM, via phone calls, and in person. Speech therapies make an individual feel confident in unfamiliar or challenging situations.  

Affected Communication Disorders in Adults 

Speech therapy can help an individual increase their communicative speech and language skills in different ways and polish their skills effectively. There are certain conditions in an individual that affect their speech and language production. The functioning of the movement in the muscles of the lips, tongue and throat can also be impacted by certain symptoms. Speech therapy for adults can be beneficial in improving communication and language skills that have been affected by specific communication challenges, including:

Accents – Those from other countries may find that others have a difficult time understanding their speech or expressions at times.  They substitute the sounds that they are familiar saying in their native language when speaking a new language, such as American English.  This makes it challenging for others to understand them in various work or social situations.  While this is not a disorder, it still can be frustrating at times.

Apraxia – Apraxia is a speech disorder that causes difficulty with motor planning to perform tasks or movements, for example oral movements.  This can make the words and sentences sound jumbled and mispronounced, difficult to understand, or completely unintelligible, even if you know what you want to say. 

Aphasia- Aphasia is a language disorder that emerges from damage or disease within the brain, commonly from a stroke, that causes problems related to understanding and expressing language. 

Articulation Disorders – Children often have difficulty saying certain sounds that are usually achieved by a given age.  This is one type of articulation disorder which makes their speech hard to understand.  Another type is caused by neurological damage due to a stroke or head injury, which impacts the loss of ability to produce clear speech sounds for an adult.  

Dysarthria – This is a type of speech impairment that is caused by various nervous system disorders leading to muscle weakness, paralysis, or the inability to coordinate the muscles required for speech. It causes slurred or slow speech that is difficult to understand.  This can affect communication with relationships with family and friends, making social situations challenging.  The adult speech therapist will help you improve these symptoms with exercises, reducing speech rate and the use of gestures or a communication board.

Voice Disorders – Voice disorders refer to inappropriate voice, pitch, tone of voice, or, in some cases, the complete loss of the vocal system. Voice disorders can be caused when an individual’s vocal cords get damaged due to smoke inhalation, surgery, overuse or misuse of the voice, a disease that affects the vocal tract, or other issues that can damage the voice, such as other symptoms of cerebral palsy and cleft palate. 

Fluency or Stuttering Disorders – The fluency of an individual relates to the flow while talking. Fluency disorders affect the continuity, smoothness, speed and effort of speech.  It can include symptoms such as repeating the syllables, sounds, words and phrases. It also results in an abundance of excessive tension, hesitations, stretching of sounds or interjections when speaking.

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