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Clear Accent Speech Therapy

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I am a skilled Speech-Language Pathologist with over 20 years of experience in adult rehabilitation, including speech clarity training, language and cognitive therapy, and dysphagia (swallowing disorders) therapy. I am experienced in the treatment of children and young adults in speech and language difficulties.  Let me help you improve your speech ! Read More..

Learn To Speak Confidently, Be Heard And Be Understood With Our Accent Reduction Training

Virtual And In-Person Speech Therapy Sessions Are Available

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What Is An Accent?

Accents make up part of our personal identity. They show our unique background. Some people have regional accents, like a Southern drawl or a Boston accent. Nonnative English speakers use the stress, rhythm patterns, word choice and grammar patterns of their first language. For example: Some speakers may feel like the pitch and rhythm of their English is flatter than a native speaker. Each multi-syllable word in English has 1 syllable that is stressed. Using word stress makes words easy for your listeners to recognize and makes the “rhythm” English. They also use tongue and lip movements of that language. For example: Many speakers sometimes use /s/ or /z/ instead of “th”? For example, they might say “sink” instead of “think.” A Pronunciation Problem that has a high impact on clarity: if you leave sounds off the ends of words, this makes many of your words unclear. It also makes you sound like you have poor grammar because you leave off plural /s/ and past tense endings too, for example, “two shoe” and “trade” vs. “traded”. This also makes things confusing for your listener because you are leaving out important information.
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Following Services

Speech-Language Pathologist with over 20 years of experience in adult rehabilitation, including speech clarity
training,language and cognitive therapy and dysphagia(swallowing disorders) therapy. I am experienced in the treatment of children and young adults in speech and language difficulties.

Language pathologists help individuals struggle with grammar issues through qualitative assessment, individualized treatment, realistic goal setting, effective practice, and feedback.Through proper guidance, individuals…
Language pathologists are trained to diagnose mispronunciation issues through minimal pairs therapy, phonological, augmentative, and articulation therapy. Thus, each kind of pronunciation..
Verb Tenses
The language therapist cures all the problems related to learning verbs and tenses through narrative therapy, drills, exercises, visual aids, and conversational therapy for a better understanding of the grammar.
Sentence Structure
Language therapists help individuals improve their sentence structure through activities like completing sentences. It further helps them frame the sentence in the right order after
the practice.
A word used to indicate possession. American English uses possessive pronouns like my, mine, your, yours, his and so on.
Intonation & Word Stress

Special services for individuals that struggle with the rise and fall of pitch in speech with the proper emphasis placed on different syllables in a word. These activities will help them become fluent speakers.

Does Your Accent Cause You Trouble?

While an accent can be a source of pride, it can also be a source of frustration if others have trouble understanding you during communication.  Sometimes it can affect job performance, self-esteem or even your social life.

Is your speech getting in the way of your job advancement?  Then Clear Accent Speech Therapy can help you.

Do your clients, co-workers or friends at college frequently ask you to repeat what you are saying?  If they focus more on the speech than what is said, then it becomes important to learn how to communicate more clearly.

Do your employees in your company who speak English as a second language often have to repeat themselves?  Do you want your customers to better understand you or your employees’ communication about your products or services?  Then Clear Accent Speech Therapy can help those staff members.

Would You Like To Modify Your Accent?

No one accent is better than another. It is important to know that accents are NOT a speech or language disorder. However, some may find it helpful to gain an edge on the business competition through our speech therapy program via ZOOM. Physicians and nurses would find it a good idea to improve the clarity of their speech to improve their communication in the medical setting. Salespeople, professors and Attorneys may also get their point across better with improved grammar and clearer speech. With hard work and practice, one can learn how to change the way they say words and learn the different grammar of American English. Changing your accent is also known as ACCENT REDUCTION. The fastest way to improve is with the help of a trained Speech-Language Pathologist.

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