Speech Therapy Services: 5 Questions You May Have About It

Some individuals develop speech problems when they are young; many develop later in life due to a brain injury or accident. For them, communication becomes challenging, sometimes leading to frustration and isolation. Fortunately, they can overcome their speech and communication disorders by seeking speech therapy services online or in person from a licensed speech-language pathologist.

Perhaps you or someone you love experience trouble speaking with an accent or communicating effectively and need professional guidance for speech delay, stuttering, apraxia, aphasia, or more. If so, you might have plenty of questions about online speech therapy programs for adults. We have answered a few frequently asked questions here to ease your concerns.

Who is a speech-language pathologist?

A licensed therapist helps people with speech and language problems they may have. They work with children who have speech and language development, as well as people of all ages who have difficulty speaking, eating, or swallowing normally due to a variety of problems. They can assess a person’s needs and design a program to move forward. During swallow therapy sessions in person, they can assess and treat a person’s needs, improve muscle strength, and regain control to advance their ability to swallow food.

It’s a common misconception that a speech therapist only works with children with speech difficulties or adults with strong accents. In truth, a therapist helps people develop speech skills, formulate sentences, and express information, besides overcoming issues such as slurred speech, proper pronunciation, and stuttering.

Why should you consider online speech therapy services?

A therapist delivers speech therapy through live digital media rather than traditional in-person sessions. Many people who deal with anxiety or other conditions get overwhelmed with the thought of visiting a therapist for sessions. The comfort of home or other settings can be convenient for them. Online speech therapy services also offer flexibility to people with busy schedules. It saves time and makes remote access possible from distant locations for those who cannot travel.

How long does an online speech therapy program take?

Plenty of factors affect the duration of the therapy, including the person’s participation, the severity of speech disorder, additional learning challenges, frequency of independent practice, and commitment to sessions. Individuals struggling with speech disorders also need support and encouragement from their families throughout their journey.

Is an online speech therapy session effective?

It’s a common belief that in-person treatment sessions or accent reduction learning with books are more effective but it’s nothing but a myth. A trained speech therapist works online via ZOOM when it is only right for a client. It can benefit people with viewing sound information, and intonation (the rise and fall of speech in words or sentence), grammar, and more. This can help them reduce their anxiety in communication in English.

How to get the most out of your online speech therapy sessions?

You can make each session successful by bringing your focus to yourself and keeping all sources of distractions away. Make changes in lifestyle for mental well-being, practice speech exercises after sessions, and be patient with your progress.

If you or someone you love is struggling with speech, don’t hesitate to get professional help. We, at Clear Accent Speech Therapy, offer accent reduction training and online speech therapy services to help you communicate and speak confidently.

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